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Security Systems

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Locsafe Security Systems

Grills, Gates, Barriers and Doors

To complement the Intruder alarm, CCTV, and Access control, we are also able to provide enhanced security by upgrading the strength of the basic physical barriers. 

1.   Barriers to prevent unauthorised vehicles and persons from getting near to your buildings.

2.   Address any weaknesses in the building structure to ensure that Intruders are kept OUT by the appropriate use of Grills, Security doors, Posts and Shutters

There is usually a weak link in the security chain.  We review your whole site and can provide a properly balanced chain of security around your establishment to provide you with a true ‘safe area’ inside.

Access to the rear of a house for example, must be blocked either by fencing or Locked gates.  

We can provide a secure gate, or ensure that an existing gate can be securely locked .

Very few potential intruders will climb over a locked gate, but ALL will walk through unlocked gates, armed with any number of plausible explanations if you happen to be at home.

Grills and shutters may be used in Domestic situations in a way that is sympathetic to the building structure, and can often be indicated where you have isolated properties or parts of a property well hidden from view,  particularly in areas susceptible to crime.

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